Difference between Quartz countertop & Quartzite countertop?

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Difference between Quartz countertop & Quartzite countertop?

Where can we find the best offers on Quartz countertops and Quartzite countertops in Tampa, Florida?

Quartz and Quartzite, judging from names, it seems like they’re probably the same right thing? Ok, you might be shocked to find out that the two materials are very different.

This article will explore the distinctions between these two countertop surfaces and whether a quartz countertop or quartzite countertop may be right for you.

Quartz and Quartzite’s most significant distinction is that Quartz is a man-made element, while Quartzite is a natural stone. A quartzite countertop starts as sandstone, mixed with sparkling quartz crystals to form Quartzite under a natural process of heat and strain.

Quartzite is usually seen in white or light gray shades, although the stone’s minerals may have pink, gold, or reddish-brown shades.

A quartz countertop is composed of the same quartz crystals used in Quartzite, but a man-made procedure attaches the crystal to resins, pigments, and other components such as glass pieces. This method results in a very durable, non-porous countertop material that comes in a wide range of colors and styles.

Apart from the distinct structure of these two materials, the stylistic variations are also striking. Quartzite is often mistaken for marble or granite, as it has delicate marble veining and similar coloring and patterning to other granites. Those looking for a natural look with a lot of movement may choose a quartzite countertop.

On the other hand, Quartz can be made to look like any stone and is available in several different shades and designs. If you have a particular color in mind or want a clear pattern around your slab, a quartz countertop is a better bet for your house.

Another significant distinction between Quartz and Quartzite is the regular treatment and longevity of each material. The binding mechanism makes Quartz highly durable because it helps extract oxygen, making Quartz a hardened surface that is non-porous and resistant to chipping, scraping, and bacteria.

Quartzite is a very hard stone, although it is less dense than granite and is vulnerable to fast staining in places of heavy use such as the kitchen. Quartzite requires sealing to avoid staining of the surface, while Quartz requires practically no maintenance.

So if you enjoy a multitude of options and a reliable, consistent look at your countertops, or if you’re looking for a sturdy material that won’t break the bank, Quartz might be the thing for you.

However, if you don’t mind leaving a little up in exchange for a stunning, one-of-a-kind natural look, then don’t discard our quartzite countertops.

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