5 trends for Kitchen Cabinets in Orlando

Kitchen cabinets in Orlando

5 trends for Kitchen Cabinets in Orlando

It’s quite tricky to pick the perfect set of kitchen cabinets owing to constantly changing trends.

The cabinets you pick need to be on par with the theme of your kitchen and also help express your artistic taste unless you are trying for mismatched decor. Even then, you would need to pick a set of kitchen cabinets carefully to balance out the other components.

So, to make matters easier, here is a list of timeless kitchen cabinet trends to consider before investing in one. Furthermore, if you are looking to buy kitchen cabinets in Orlando, this read will help you decide on a style that’s both durable and appealing.


1) Out in the Open

What better way to display the stunning set of silverware or glassware you got than putting them out in the open. It has been a trend among cabinet users for quite some time. Many people favor it because of how airy and spacious it makes a kitchen look.

The kitchen cabinets, which are commonly referred to as “open shelves,” considering this theme, are designed with minimum material so that they give maximum exposure to your tableware.


2) Rounded edges

If your kitchen is themed after curves and circles, a kitchen cabinet with rounded edges will fit right in. It will also add variety to a kitchen comprising squares and sharp edges. As a result, most people pick round-edged cabinets to reduce the jagged look their kitchens portray.


3) Wood for the looks

Wooden kitchen cabinets are timeless. If someone were to mention “kitchen cabinet,” many would imagine a wooden cabinet right off the bat. Wooden cabinets offer a traditional touch to your kitchen. They come in unique designs, textures, and colors. So you get plenty of freedom to customize them to your liking. However, you need to be careful when picking a wooden kitchen cabinet. This is because certain factors such as the climate can affect the lifespan of it.

If you are planning to buy wooden Kitchen cabinets in Orlando, you need to factor in how humid the climate can be. You can view some of the best moisture-resistant kitchen cabinets in Orlando here.


4) Minimalism

When in doubt, keep it simple. A majority of people prefer clean aesthetics, and a minimalistic kitchen cabinet will do that for you. Cabinets that are simple in design are pleasing to the eye and can also support a wide variety of kitchen decors. So if you ever remodel your kitchen, you might not have to invest in a different set of kitchen cabinets.

However, it’s best to remember that you need to pick the right color to support the theme of your kitchen, even if you were to invest in a minimalistic kitchen cabinet. An article we found at mariakillam.com can prove useful when selecting a color for your kitchen cabinet.


5) Fuse Technology

Recently, people are opting for more functionality and efficiency than just aesthetics. As a result, many manufacturers now offer kitchen cabinets with built-in appliances and other types of technology. Charging outlets, docking stations, music speakers, and minibars are now neatly installed, built into kitchen cabinets for convenience. But these cabinets are pretty costly compared to the other types.


These are just a few trends related to kitchen cabinets out there. Depending on the manufacturer, you might even be able to mix two or of these themes together. Nonetheless, keep in mind not to compromise utility and quality for aesthetics. If you are looking for kitchen cabinets in Orlando and feel doubtful, you can score a free consultation here.


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