Simple Ways to Maintain Granite Countertops


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A few simple ways to maintain your Granite countertops

You have the family coming in for a Holiday Dinner and you want to make sure you leave a lasting impression. You have a great looking granite countertops that you had installed years ago, but yet you feel that something is missing. Your Granite countertops has lost some its glossiness. Over the years it got dull and it might be about that time to shine it up a bit.

Do not worry and welcome to this list we composed of some of the best ways to clean it. Shine that granite countertops for when that time comes when guests come over and you wish to leave them in awe at the beauty of your kitchen. After all, you did spend money to have a spectacular kitchen. Now, remember to be careful at all times about what you apply to your countertop. Please do this at your own risk, especially if it is a homemade remedy.

Always remember a few basic rules. Try to avoid any cleaning solution whether homemade or store bought that contains acid or is too acidic. Some things that come to my mind would be more like Lemon and Vinegar based solutions. Also, try to avoid harsh cleaners that may contain bleach or perhaps ammonia. Your main friend here is the sealant and you want to make sure your sealant is up to date. Avoid your counter top absorbing liquids as much as you can. So you are best to avoid cleaners that can harm the sealant of the Granite.

Here are some of simplest ways to clean and shine up your granite countertop and help restore some of that shine.

1. Over the counter products – One of the simplest ways to spruce up your countertop is to go to a store like home depot and purchase products created for that specific purpose. We do caution however that you read and follow the directions on the label or packaging to avoid any issues.

2. Natural or homemade remedies – Using a microfiber cloth and wiping down the surface good is a good way. Some people say that if you mix half a cup of water and half a cup of rubbing alcohol it makes a great cleaning solution. For a lot of folks usually, this does the trick. Just be careful that whatever you apply is not going to damage the sealant.

3. Stay on schedule – Exercising regular maintenance usually does the trick. Like a car that needs an oil change regularly, you should always remember to do maintenance ever so often. However, this is a practice that you must never go long periods without. Regularly maintaining your countertop and making sure that nothing too harsh is coming in contact with the surface is good practice. This may be the best way to prolong the life of your sealant and help keep and prolong that shine.

4. Hire a professional – There are professionals out there that you can hire to do occasional maintenance on your countertop or reapply sealant. If you do not have the time to this on your own then you can find someone who can. Some people say that staying on top of the cleaning is crucial. Maintaining your countertop can actually reduce the wear and tear on it.

5. Regularly seal it –  Making sure your countertop maintains the sealant is very important. Without the sealant liquids and oils can be absorbed. Make sure to never go too long without re-sealing it because over time this sealant can wear off. There are a lot of good article around the web that can show you how to apply this on your own. I caution that no matter which route you take that you be careful and try any solutions you attempt to do on your own at your own risk.

One thing is for sure and that is with at least regular annual maintenance and making sure nothing damages the surface you should be able to prolong the “shine life” of your countertop.

Thank you for reading this and if you have any other recommendations please feel free to comment below. If you are not too sure about how to maintain your Granite countertop stop in. Please feel free to drop by our showroom in Orlando and one of our specialists will be more than happy to give you tips. We can assist you with almost anything granite related. We also have a location in Tampa for the West Coast crowd. Supreme International believes in quality and is a local leader in Central Florida for kitchen remodeling. View more ideas

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