Quartz Kitchen Countertops in Orlando

Quartz Kitchen Countertops in Orlando  kitchen countertops orlando

Useful tips for choosing marble and quartz kitchen countertops in Orlando
In addition to granite, other stone surfaces can be used on kitchen countertops. The tile, for example, is very durable and has a unique surface that can really stand out in a kitchen; it does not require so much sealing protection; however, some maintenance is needed.
Limestone, on the other hand, has a natural parked appearance that can deepen and darken over time, so, although it is very powerful, stains should be treated to prevent surface decay.

However, today we want to touch two specific materials: Quartz and marble. Quartz, in particular, has been gaining popularity.

Using Quartz and Marble on the Kitchen countertops

The granite and quartz stops are very similar and in many respects. Granite is the natural stone, quartz a designed stone; however, either will serve well for years.
The unique granite slabs are much more expensive than those of quartz, so perhaps that factor may be the only and great determinant detail that you need when choosing.

Durability of countertops countertops orlando

Durability is definitely the most important of all the features we look for in a kitchen countertop; in that sense, the sealed granite is the one that best resists damage. Pots of boiling oil or stains left overnight, the granite surface withstands and resists more various types of stress, such as scratches. Quartz, on the other hand, does not resist scratches or excessive heat, so if you plan an exotic and extreme kitchen, it may not be your best option. View more countertops ideas

Quartz countertops

Quartz by nature is non-porous, so it does not require special sealing or maintenance while granite does need this kind of attention every year. Although applying the sealant is a 15-minute task, if it is not sealed correctly, the granite is vulnerable to stains and discoloration.

Finally, we enter what aesthetics is. Beauty is in the eye of those who appreciate the decoration since granite is a natural stone, granite shows unusual styles and patterns that are not always what you want, especially when you need a uniform material in the kitchen decoration. Meanwhile, quartz shows a much more consistent pattern. Predictability or consistent patterns, quartz or granite; The final decision is yours.

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