European Style

For many people having a European style means having more of a minimalist layout. In some cases, it means less focus on the cabinets. Other examples of a European style means that the cabinets are more chic, more out of the way, less out there. The best part of our showroom is that you are able to see many examples of our different styles.

Another attribute of the European style is the more openness of the layout. You have islands that are more out in the open. It means for many people that will be more room to move around and overall more space.

If you have a home that has the space available and you want a more unique look then this may be the way to go.

Italian (Tuscan) Kitchen

Italy is well-known for its delicious gourmet cuisine and picturesque Tuscan landscapes. Have these two details be the backdrop and inspiration for your next kitchen design. Capture the rich and homey feelings of Italy by including warm Earth tones and charming mosaic tiles. For your softer surfaces like countertops and dining, choose design options that are more natural in tone but reflect a lot of light. This helps to add airiness and openness to your space. Not to mention, your kitchen cabinets should be simple as they should be a subtle contrast with your bold painted tiles. Overall, Italian kitchens are all about the rich balance between comfort and vibrant elegance. Get in touch with our design specialists today. They will happily share their ideas on the Italian elements to add to your kitchen.

French Kitchen

A french inspired kitchen is noted for its countryside flair alongside simple details. Because these details are so simple, the emphasis is placed on the quality and boldness of the decor and cabinetry. Often times, kitchen cabinets are designed with unique grooving, strong colors, and durable wood (i.e. Maple, Cherry, or Oak). Don’t forget the rustic hardware and accessories! Choose hardware with a matte or sophisticated finish. For decorations, include rusty hues, oil-painted wall art, and luxurious linens to mimic the French culinary culture. 

After working with our design specialists, you will own a kitchen that transports you to France without stepping foot outside your home. 

A Phone Call Away from Your Dream Design

We have two convenient locations in Central Florida for your convenience. Our flagship location is in Orlando and our newest location is located in Tampa, Florida. We encourage you to stop by and take a look at our incredible showroom. If you any questions do not hesitate to call us anytime and tell us a little bit more about what you envision as the perfect kitchen. Supreme International USA provides top-notch quality with full CNC fabrication.