Kitchen Cabinets – Design Center in Orlando

Kitchen Cabinets – Design Center in Orlando

How to Organize Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Orlando

Put the same items in the same space
It is important to have everything organized in the kitchen. If you are not sure what will go with your design, consult a professional design specialist. For example, Supreme International USA offers free consultations and free quotes. Our specialists will be able to spend as much time as needed with you to achieve the best results.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

• After leaving your cabinet empty and cleaning it up for organizing a kitchen cabinet is to put all the same items in one space. So, cups stay together with cups, large cups with large cups, small cups with small cups and so it goes. A lot of people who don’t use them properly and when setting up a dining table, for example, can’t find five identical knives because they get mixed up with a lot of different models.
• A basic rule is to leave the cutlery in the first drawer and then the other items that are less used in the lower drawers. This will make it easier when setting up a table or even pick up these utensils at the time of your meal. You can arrange items this way:

• In the first drawer: Most used cutlery and utensils;
• In the second drawer: Dishcloths;
• Doors near the stove: Ideally, for the sake of practicality, leave the pans near the stove.

So, leave each space for a specific item, this will greatly ease the routine inside the kitchen and will make these cabinets much more organized and easy to use, saving time and possible stress that could occur with their clutter.

Kitchen layout

• For safety reasons, avoid leaving the stove and refrigerator side by side when possible;
• The stove should preferably be next to the kitchen sink;
• Ovens – electric and microwave – can be at a comfortable height – for example, above the height of the kitchen counter. View kitchen layout ideas

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