Remodeling a Hotel Lobby


Granite Remodeling your Hotel Lobby

A Hotel just looks better with Granite! Adding Granite to the lobby or receptionist area, many people say is a good way to make a first lasting impression on customers that are checking into your room. It is a fact that the nicer your hotel looks, the more likely you may be able to charge a higher price for reservations.

Having a pleasing and great aesthetic look in many cases may determine whether your guest will re-book at your Hotel or Motel in the future. Imagine checking into a hotel room and the first thing you see and feel is the gorgeous granite countertops. Feeling that cool smooth stone tells a lot of people that the hotel ownership actually cared about their experience and wanted to provide a higher-end experience for their clients.

Most high-end hotels know a secret about eye candy. They know that the more eye-candy, posh and high-end your establishment’s presentation is, the more like you may be able to charge a premium or a higher reservation cost. Many customers will happily pay a higher price if their Hotel stay comes with an overall better value.

Experience is everything and customers in this day and age crave a better experience. Provide your guests with a visually stunning experience with a world-class design.


Hotel Eye Candy

 If you need advice on remodeling any area of your hotel you have come to the right place. We can do much more than the Lobby…. how about the bar area? Below are some of the areas we can touch up for you:

  • Bar Countertops
  • Outside Patio Areas
  • Dining Areas
  • Out Door Lobby Area
  • Room Countertops
  • Bathroom Countertops
  • Reservation Desk
  • And More!!


Let us help you bring your establishment into the 21st century with a cost-effective eye candy remodel of your Lobby or hotel suites.


If you think that replacing your old or aging plastic countertops or flooring will be too much on the budget, Think again!!!!

At Supreme International, we have something for every budget.

Request a free estimate and consultation and feel the Supreme Difference.


Supreme International USA

Orlando | Tampa


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