5 Types of Kitchen Cabinets You Should Know

5 types of kitchen cabinets5 Types of Kitchen Cabinets You Should Know

Are you considering buying new kitchen cabinets in your home? Maybe you simply wish to purchase kitchen cabinets to replace your old ones. Did you know that kitchen cabinets, which created to store kitchen tools and appliances, have transformed throughout the last few decades?
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A kitchen cabinet falls into five kitchen cabinet groups that are based on their specifications and shape

  1. Base Cabinets
    These are maybe the most typical type of cabinets accessible in the market. The base cabinet rests on the floor and typically features a countertop. Such is the most preferred item of furniture for apartments and flats. They have normally moderate kitchen space.
    Base cabinets typically have a single door, and newer models could have a door. The inside of the cabinet could have either shelves or multiple stacked drawers. Because of its simpler design, base cabinets are one of the five best kitchen cabinets.
  2. Wall Cabinets
    Such cabinets are created in such a manner, which could either be incorporated into the wall or hung on the wall. These are shaped like a base cabinet. The only difference is that these are utilized as an overhead cabinet for keeping stuff in the kitchen. These are unique and are typically utilized in individual houses or apartments.
  3. Tall Cabinets
    These are long and thin cabinets. Tall cabinets are like a closet and are perfect for narrow spaces. This one of the five types of kitchen cabinets provided sufficient places to store a lot of things.
  4. Frameless Cabinets
    This type of kitchen cabinets is a wonderful solution if you like a cabinet space at a premium. Such types have a slim veneer, covering the raw edges of the partition. That denotes the opening is one and a half inches wider than a traditional cabinet. Drawers and the doors mount to the inside of the hinges. Meanwhile, the hinges are typically hidden when the doors are closed.
  5. Face Frame Cabinets
    This type is also known as traditional cabinets. These types of cabinets are categorized by the face or frame, covering the raw edges of every cabinet box. The hinges are often evident from the exterior. The drawers and the doors could be flush hit, partially inset or overlay.
    There are many styles and designs. 

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