5 Kitchen Cabinets Remodel ideas

Kitchen Cabinets Remodel

Innovative Kitchen Remodel Design Regarding the Kitchen Cabinet Kitchen Cabinets Remode

When a kitchen needs to be remodeled, redesigning the kitchen cabinet is the foremost job of an interior designer. Different types of kitchen cabinets are available based on structural design and functionality. The materials and finishes of cabinets, style of cabinet doors and drawers are also considered as vital factors while finalizing a kitchen remodel design. Hence, homeowners also need to know these details for choosing the most suitable cabinets for their kitchens.

Ready-to-assemble cabinets

It is an affordable option of kitchen cabinet, as this type of assembled cabinet is packed and sold in a box in all home improvement stores. It can be installed by the homeowner or he may take professional help in this matter. However, there are limited varieties in terms of materials, finishes, styles, and sizes in ready-to-assemble cabinets. This cabinet may not last too long if not installed correctly.

Stock cabinet

This variety of kitchen cabinet is very popular for versatile storage purposes. It is available only in certain definite dimensions that must be fitted into a kitchen. Thus, it may be difficult for an interior designer to adjust the sizes of other features there while creating the kitchen remodel design. Usually, a stock cabinet is made of solid hardwood, plastic laminated particleboard, or melamine.

Customized cabinet – These kitchen cabinets can be fully customized according to the preference of homeowners, regarding the materials, designs, and sizes of cabinets. The style of the cabinet door, color, and finish of the wood, as well as other accessories of the cabinet, can be customized as required. However, these customized cabinets cost a lot, due to the tailor-made features and diversities offered for the convenience of homeowners.

Semi-customized cabinets

In this category, only the sizes of kitchen cabinets can be customized according to the needs of homeowners. Usually, the height or the depth of the cabinets can be changed, for which an order must be placed before a few weeks. The finishes may vary and some decorative accessories can be added for creating the more personalized look of these semi-customized kitchen cabinets.

Wall cabinets

This kitchen cabinet is mounted on the wall of a kitchen. It is also called the upper cabinet, as it is generally placed on the higher part of the kitchen walls. Usually, this cabinet is provided a depth of 12 – 17 inches, which is sufficient for the storage of many kitchen items.

Base cabinets

This kitchen cabinet is so named because it provides the base for kitchen countertops. Hence, it should be made of highly durable material. The depth of this cabinet can be extended to 27 inches, which is convenient for storing large items. View more kitchen design ideas

There are also pantry cabinets and drawer cabinets, which can be considered while deciding the kitchen remodel design.

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