5 Types Kitchen Cabinets Materials

Types of Cabinet Material

Currently, in the market, there is a variety of materials. In this article, we will discuss the most used one.

1. Melamine

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Normally, it is a sheet that is pressed on the chipboard. It can be found in different colors that mimic the wood. This material is the most economical and allows excellent combination possibilities. It is generally used for the interior of furniture.

2. Laminated

custom kitchen cabinetsA synthetic material placed on particleboard, made of compressed wood. This achieves greater resistance. It is easy to clean material and resistant to contact with cleaning products; It has an infinity of colors.

3. Poly Laminates

poly laminates

This material is characterized as a folio made of plastic and polyurethane components pressed on a Medium-density fibreboard (MDF). The MDF is a dense board that allows different decorative works. Among its main features, it is highlighted that it is easy to clean, and its price is accessible. Learn about other types of kitchen cabinets. 

4. Wood

Wooden cabinets usually give a more rustic look, but it is also one of the safest materials. Wood does not usually have problems, although it usually requires more care than the previous materials and usually has a higher cost.

5. Lacquers

Lacquered furniture can be presented with different satin or matt, gloss or metallic finishes. Its greatest advantage is that it can be done as per the customer’s taste. However, it is a sensitive material to hit or rub and requires greater care.

You can also create a very unique look with sliding doors, glass doors, under tables. This way, you can change your style and extra style to it. Invest in your kitchen cabinets for the best results and long-lasting look. 

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