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Kitchen Cabinets Orlando

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Stop by Supreme International USA for all your remodel needs including kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, quartz countertops, granite countertops, sinks, flooring, and much more

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Kitchen Cabinets Orlando

There are different types of cabinets. There are frame cabinets and frameless. The face frames come with a conventional look with a wooden frame situated at the outer side of the cabinet box. 

There are:

Custom cabinets

best kitchen cabinetsThe quality of wood can be different, so it is important to know how and where to buy. Just remember that the more you invest, the longer your cabinets will last. The worst would be is to invest time and money into cabinets only to have to do it again in a few years. 

If you would like to replace the cabinetry completely, visit design center or go through some photos to determine which look you want. In addition, go to the design center and have a consultation with a design specialist.

They will tell you the pros and cons of certain cabinet styles, materials and designs. Most of the time, people first decide which type of material to choose for the cabinetry. A lot of people decide to go with wood. 

There are stock or custom kitchen cabinets.  Custom kitchen cabinets are usually made of different materials, can be custom-made, but at the same time it takes longer to complete. Normally custom is more expensive than stock, but can really enhance the look of your home.

Go to the local kitchen cabinet design showrooms.

Their design professionals will educate you and explain everything that needs to be done before hand. They would also explain the differences in different styles call mom brands, colors. There are many brands can't provide a lot of different styles. We didn't doors usually gave the kitchen more homey feel and look. Stainless steel appliances add modern fact. Once you know which material do you like, check if it has to be custom fit or you can get prebuilt kitchen cabinets. There are a lot of pieces and almonds that are involved into kitchen remodel. That is why it is extremely important to talk to a specialist before making a final decision. Contact us today!

Stock cabinets

Stock kitchen cabinets are generic and come in catalog that you can usually purchased from. Stock designs are fairly basic.

Standard cabinets

The standard cabinets are 36 inches high. This will accommodates standard dish­washer, microwave, oven/cook top, trash compactor, or any other appliances. 


Supreme International USA offers some of the best quality quartz countertops, granite countertops. Stop by our showroom to view the slabs and select yours. Our design specialists will offer free consultation, explain the differences between the material, find the best match for your style and taste.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodelling 

Home remodeling term can be used to describe aspects such as getting new kitchen or bathroom. Some prefer to remodel only certain areas in home and others do entire interior remodel. Whichever the reason might be, and property renovation is a great way to improve the living conditions at home or hotel, as well as increase the value of the hotel. Sometimes it can be a completely new style. Hotel or home remodeling also allows to have a new your look and feel to it.

Remodel project often changes the whole ambience of the house or hotel. People can also change the whole style when renovations are done.

The task of remodeling a home or a hotel is not an easy one due to the amount of work that is involved in getting the property ready and coordinate everything. View more photos for home remodeling.

It is important to enlist the help of a professional service company. Our remodel design center specializes in kitchen, bathroom cabinets, flooring, plumbing supplies, countertops and much more. We can recommend the style and colors that would match best your style of life.